Style to Downtown

Style is being different and yet having harmony with the time, environment and even people around you. Downtown New York is full of styles because there are so many people from around the world with immensely different backgrounds and they are boldly showing their personality with their styles.

Style is best when it is effortless and when it adapts to the environment around. Style doesn't have to be expensive or shiny. Style has personality speaking to the people around. Style isn't for anyone, but for the people themselves. Style is flexible and yet it has its own character that brands itself.

Downtown's goal is to show this versatility boldly and beautifully and make this a part of its DNA. Now a shoes company, this DNA will be preserved for years to come with different styles and different segments of fashion.

New Yorkers are known for their stylish appearance because they basically care and because they are for real and they are present at the moment. They don't follow fashion  and blindfoldedly go for what is popular, but choose the one they like and change with the time and the mood.



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