Why Fashion Became Important in New York

New York is where the whole world gets together "for more" whether it is to live, reach to the top or live a single adventurous un poco loca life. Never stopping, never resting, fast walking, always in a rush, always things to do, always "what's next?".

This excitement, this feeling of competition, this feeling of hype vibe in everyone's blood, just makes NY seeking the top style and exploring new corridors weather it is colors, style or seeking bold identities.

Not everyone comes here stylish, but as you give them a year or two, people who has a little bit of interest in aesthetics become more and more aware of their style seeing thousands of people and outfits everyday, seeing it fast, not knowing they change forever slowly, but surely.

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This feeling just peaks at Downtown New York as if millions of people from around the world all seeking "more" each and everyday accepting the severe competition all around them and being able to enjoy and play with life. Downtown becomes a character, Downtown becomes an outlook, Downtown becomes the details, it delves into one's every day life and exists there every minute.

That's why, Downtowners feel bored when they go outside the city for a little while because they miss all the (sometimes unexpected) action. Someone from Estonia asking you for an address and you become friends, you run into people that change your life, seeing a street artist and ordinary Downtowners joining them for arts, closing business deals, running people through people with suits, sun reflected from the skyline reflecting onto the stylish people, tourists, homeless people, billionaires, fashion gurus and job seekers, entrepreneurs hoping to make the next billion, all in one street, breathing the same air.

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That's what makes Downtown so creative, so beautiful and so much stylish.


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