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Fashion is an expression that frees us, that serves as an extension of our body and spirit. Colors, styles, mixed with fabric, curves and so many little details give us the physical means to express ourselves and become different. When it comes to fashion, one has so much more responsibility for creating a shoe that matches with many outfits, that stands out from the crowd and yet having other important aspects such as comfort, water and cold resistance, craftsmanship, material, durability and orthopedic qualities.

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What one needs to reach a final product in fashion:

  •  Design eye. One can also call this design thinking, but this may be the most important skill set you have. Function is a given and design is what makes the big difference in today's world even in technology.
  • Being an Entrepreneur. An entrepreneur knows little when he starts a new venture and he needs to know impressively about the sector, product and business by the time the business becomes real. This is the same for fashion. It is best if you come from a fashion background, but if you don't, then it's best if you read a lot, talk to fashion people and dive into all aspects so that you cook yourself into becoming an impressive expert that makes a great impression.
  • Persistence. Without persistence, the odds are against success since the road to building something has everyday obstacles along with exceptional ones. You need to love it to death to make it real.
  • Integrity. You know what you want and you work so hard on it relentlessly and passionately without the idea that it won't happen.
  • Teamwork. Design and production go hand in hand. You will need to decide which production team you find is the best and which one to stick with. Do they follow the instructions flawlessly? Are they on time? What is their price - overall quality performance? Do they accept their mistakes? Do they correct their mistakes?
  • Resourcefulness. You need to find alternatives on a regular basis because sometimes things don't go as planned. You may need to change your production team, find additional financial sources, remake the prototype, make strategic moves for the cost, change the material, make videos and teasers with the prototype, change your business model and moving to online instead of direct sales with retailers, etc.

To me, these are the most important features for a fashion entrepreneur. Then, comes hard work, networking, finance and luck as important factors.

Being in NY may also help : )



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