Downtown - The Major Step - The Soho concept

New York is one of the fastest paced cities in the world. People walk fast, really fast! On average, New Yorkers also walk 5 miles a day. It is at times excruciatingly difficult to find a parking spot and the city is beautiful, never boring to "see", so, why not walk? Therefore, shoes are even more essential parts of people living in New York, walking stylish people from around the world.

Firstly, Downtown Shoes started as a search for the footwear that brings all the best aspects together in a shoe, namely, unique design, versatility, craftsmanship, material, durability and comfort. After months of development and hundreds of scratches, we completed our first design that determined our brand character. We named it after Soho, the area of Downtown New York where elegance and style is just the nature of being.

The design took the Downtown team of close designer friends about 6 months and then prototyping and perfecting the product took another year. Hence, we had a final product after a year and a half.

Apart from its unique design, Downtown Shoes bring the unique value of versatility. DTers can wear it day and night whether they go for work or to a bar for a cocktail.

We believe you will love Downtown once you see, feel, wear and walk miles and miles.

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